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Son Tung M-TP stopped releasing new MVs with an excuse that was convincing enough?

Some minutes ago, Son of Tung M-TP officially announced the cessation of the release of the new MV “There’s no one at all” after this musical product was just released, and met with mixed reactions from the community. Even the Ministry of Performing Arts (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Ministry of Information and Communication) have taken the first steps for this musical product.

According to Son Tung M-TP, he started the project “There’s no one at all” with the first melodies (audio part) in mid-2020. “By January 2022, the final scenes are new. is filmed (the visual part), then a very careful post-production process where each scene is meticulously edited to present the audience with the most complete project from the audio part to the visual part. “There’s no one at all” was also released on April 28, 2022 at 8 p.m.,” the male singer said.

Son Tung M-TP stopped releasing new MVs with an excuse that was convincing enough?  - Photo 1.

Son Tung M-TP stopped the release of the MV “There’s no one at all”. (Photo: FBNV)

Original vocalist Thai Binh also apologized and announced that he would stop releasing a new MV after receiving many mixed opinions from the public. Son Tung M-TP said, “The MV was inspired by the melody, lyrics and spirit of the song I wrote. The image of a child without family, without friends runs through the MV. but always believe that one day they will be compensated, loved and cared for like many other children.

I hope that the purpose of this picture can convey the message through the MV: “Understand the feelings in lonely people, understand to love, protect and open their hearts. me before it’s too late.” I also want to express my sympathy to the unfortunate lives out there: “You are not alone, there are many like you”.

In art, there will always be hidden meanings in every scene, even the enigmatic inner depths of characters, that any artist or creator wants to convey to their audience.

However, upon release, I also received many mixed reviews. By the way, I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable feelings after watching this MV. That’s not really what I wanted. I have always understood my position and influence on young people. I always want to bring the best values ​​to society as well as to my home country Vietnam.

Therefore, with the spirit of the market and listening, the company and I will actively stop publishing the MV “There’s no one at all”.

Son Tung M-TP stopped releasing new MVs with an excuse that was convincing enough?  - Photo 3.

Currently, Son Tung M-TP is stopping posting new MVs on YouTube. (screen shots)

Immediately after Son Tung M-TP stops releasing new MVs with an apology, has attracted more than 100,000 times to express feelings and share from the online community. Besides the opinions supporting the marketing action of Son Tung M-TP, there are still many people who have expressed their dissatisfaction with this musical product of the original Thai Binh voice: “I think Son Tung should stop the new MV before the authorities interfere, it would be better at this time”; “The MV has been widely shared, it is compelling to have an ‘awful’ number of views before stopping publication”; “Get opinions, listen and deal with issues very urgently, respect the law. I hope that Son Tung M-TP will continue to innovate and create in the next products.”…

Regarding the new MV of Son Tung M-TP, Dr. Pham Hai Chung – a Doctor of Communications in the UK, shared Vietnamese about the case of the director of the film “Natural Born Killer” who has been sued multiple times in court for hundreds of murders and replicating behavior in the film. “Courts can’t convict directors, or we can’t hold media/media products responsible for human ‘fault’ behavior.

You’re in luck if your kid isn’t a fan of Son Tung. We can “take the field” and demand that Son Tung’s MV be removed, which is understandable. But there is a lot of content like “there is no one” and other malicious stuff that only the right self-understanding of the children alone can eliminate.

In the same way, children want to develop a balance or build the right awareness, which is also due to the parents and the living environment, both “digital” and “real”, says Dr. Pham Hai Chung.

exchange with VietnameseTran Huong Duong, deputy director of the Performing Arts Department, said after the review, the department found that singer Son Tung’s audio and video recording (MV) “There’s no one at all” contains a negative message. extreme, unpedagogical with many scenes of persecution, smashing and violence and at the end with the image of the character jumping from a building to commit suicide, which has a strong impact on the viewer’s psychology; easily influence and direct the negative behavior of society, especially children.

According to a representative of the performing arts department, the content of the MV shows evidence of a violation of the ban.”Use of costumes, words, sounds, images, movements, means of expression, forms of performance of acts contrary to the good customs and traditions of the nation and adversely affecting morale and public health. Copper and Social Psychology” in Clause 4, Article 3 of Decree No. 144/2020/ND-CP of 14 December 2020 of the Government regulating performing arts activities. Therefore, immediate measures must be taken to stop the circulation of products. this.

In addition, the Department of Performing Arts asked the Inspector of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to consider acts of organizations and individuals that produce phonograms and video recordings in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 38/2021/ND-CP of 29 On 3 March 2021 Government regulations on sanctioning administrative offenses in the field of culture and advertising.

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