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Son Tung M-TP apologizes to audience and stops releasing new MV

On his personal page, Son Tung M-TP expressed criticism of the new MV he just released.

Son of Tung M-TP Just had a long stake in the new MV which was heavily criticized by the public. The male artist said that the MV is the process of careful preparation by himself and his team.

“The MV is inspired by the melody, lyrics and spirit of the song that Tung wrote. The image of a child without family, without friends, but who always believes in one day, runs through the MV. is compensated, loved and cared for like any other child.

The purpose of building this image Tung wants to be able to convey the message through the MV: “Let’s understand the feelings in lonely people, understand how to love, protect and open our hearts. before it’s too late”. Tung also wants to share his sympathy for the unfortunate lives out there: “You are not alone, there are many people like you,” wrote Son Tung M-TP.

The male singer reiterated that in art there will always be hidden meanings in every scene, even the incomprehensible inner depth of the character that any artist or creator wants to convey to their audience. However, post-release, Tung also received a lot of mixed reviews. By the way, Tung would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable after the release. That’s not really what Tung or his company wanted. Tung always understands his position and influence on young people. Tung always wants to bring the best values. both for society and for his home country of Vietnam. Therefore, with the spirit of the market and listening, Tung and the company will actively stop releasing the MV. There’s nobody there at all‘ shared Son Tung.

This time, too, the male artist thanked all the comments from the audience and the departments about his project.

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