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Son Tung M-TP apologizes and stops publishing offensive MV condemned by public opinion

After a day of strong public criticism, on the evening of April 29, Son Tung M-TP took a step to actively halt the release of the MV There’s No One At All.

In the official announcement on his fan page, the male singer reiterated that he and his team worked seriously and sincerely to build a positive message on a controversial social issue. However, faced with criticism from public opinion and mixed opinions, the male singer understood and realized that it was necessary to stop releasing his passionate product.

He also apologized to those who felt uncomfortable watching his latest music product. He said that he “always wants to bring the best values ​​both to society and to his native country of Vietnam.” As such, the singer and company will “actively stop releasing M/V There’s No One At All with the spirit of searching and listening.”

The text of the article by Son Tung M-TP is as follows:

Son Tung M-TP apologizes and stops releasing offensive MVs condemned by public opinion - 1

Son of Tung M-TP

“Hello everyone, this is Son Tung M-TP!

Last night, April 28, 2022, Tung and the company M-TP Entertainment released the M/V “There’s No One At All”. This is the first English product, marking a new stage in Tung’s career. Tung is really very happy and proud during the realization of this project!

Tung started THERE’S NO ONE AT ALL project with the first tunes (audio part) in mid-2020, by January 2022 the final scenes were filmed (visual part), then a very careful post-production process to meticulously bring each scene to the most complete project for the audience from the audio part to the visual part. And finally, THERE’S NO ONE AT ALL was also released on April 28, 2022 at 8:00 p.m.

It’s been a long road, hasn’t it!

The M/V was inspired by the melody, lyrics and spirit of the song Tung wrote. Running through the M/V is the image of a child without family or friends, but always believing that one day they will be compensated, loved and cared for like any other child.

The purpose of building this image Tung hopes that through the M/V he can convey the message: “Let’s understand the feelings in lonely people, understand how to love, protect and open the hearts of lonely people. us before it’s too late.” Tung also wants to share his sympathy for the unfortunate lives out there: “You are not alone, there are many people like you.”

In art, there will always be hidden meanings in every scene, even the enigmatic inner depths of characters, that any artist or creator wants to convey to their audience.

However, after its release, Tung also received many mixed reviews. By the way, Tung would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable after watching this M/V. That’s not really what Tung or M-TP Entertainment wanted. Tung always understands his position and influence on young people. Tung always wants to bring the best values ​​to society as well as to his native country of Vietnam.

Therefore, with the spirit of searching and listening, Tung and the company will actively stop publishing the M/V “There’s No One At All”.

Finally, Tung and the company would like to sincerely thank all the brothers, employees and partners who have accompanied Tung on this project. Thanks to everyone who loved and supported THERE’S NO ONE AT ALL. Finally, Tung would like to thank all of the audience and department comments on this project.

Thank you all!”

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