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Solid assets, desire to have children

Recently overseas singers Ha Thanh Xuan caused a surprise when she told the press that she was marrying her 13-year-old boyfriend Thang Ngo – dubbed the “Vietnamese Koi King” and wealthy.

It is known that Ha Thanh Xuan and Thang Ngo knew each other through the introduction of a director in April 2021. After many days of talking and exchanging, the two developed feelings.

In March 2022, Ha Thanh Xuan and Thang Ngo officially met. The two decided to get married in the near future.

Ha Thanh Xuan preparing to marry Vietnam's koi king: Solid assets, wants children - Photo 1.

Ha Thanh Xuan and her boyfriend are getting married

This surprised many viewers as the singer has not revealed that she was dating Thang Ngo in the past. Even she and singer Quang Le constantly have many emotional plots, which make many people think that they are a couple.

However, those who follow the life and journey of Ha Thanh Xuan will find that the singer has been preparing for her wedding for quite some time.

Prepare well for family life

Since 2010, Ha Thanh Xuan has officially settled down and started her career abroad. After many years of singing and saving, she bought a large mansion covering hundreds of square feet in the United States and welcomed her parents into life.

Recently, Ha Thanh Xuan released many clips showing her villa and life in the US to the audience. It shows that the singer has a solid net worth to get married.

Ha Thanh Xuan Prepares to Marry Vietnam's Koi King: Solid Net Worth, Wants Children - Photo 3.

In it, Ha Thanh Xuan often hinted at starting a family. The singer often posts photos daily according to her stage aura. In it, Ha Thanh Xuan clearly shows that she is the woman of the family, also knows how to go to the market and how to cook.

She often goes to Vietnamese markets in the US with her mother and buys many ingredients to cook Vietnamese dishes. Although in the US, but Ha Thanh Xuan herself and her family like to eat traditional Vietnamese food.

Thanks to this, the singer knows how to cook many Vietnamese dishes. She also received a lot of guidance from her mother regarding household chores to become a woman of the family. Ha Thanh Xuan’s mother is originally from Hue, so she inherited a lot of her resourcefulness.

Ha Thanh Xuan Prepares to Marry Vietnam's Koi King: Solid Net Worth, Wants Children - Photo 4.

Ha Thanh Xuan shared that she loves to eat homemade food. She said: “I used to be alone in the US so I ate out all the time.

Ever since my mom moved to the US to live with me, I have ready meals with me wherever I go, so I’m very happy. Now I always eat at home. The taste of home-cooked food is always stronger than eating out, nothing like mom’s boiled rice.”

Besides cooking, Ha Thanh Xuan is also interested in house maintenance and building. She and her mother bought many trees, flowers and fruit trees to plant and clean the yard by themselves. She clearly shows that she is not only a singer who dresses up on stage, but also understands a lot in the house:

We women in America can do anything with our own hands, we can do anything because life is pretty hard, everything is in your hands.”

Ha Thanh Xuan Prepares to Marry Vietnam's Koi King: Solid Net Worth, Wants Children - Photo 5.

Once, Ha Thanh invited Xuan Quang Le to his house to play and cooked chicken stew with many delicious dishes for his seniors.

Regarding housing, Ha Thanh Xuan said: “I don’t need a house of 100 billion, living just enough is enough. The house is too big, I’m afraid, afraid of being alone. I just need a house of ten, twenty billion, it’s nice and easy to clean. The house is too big, I don’t have it anywhere. I just need a house with a nice kitchen and one bedroom.

I see that rich people are often very lonely, so I just need enough, don’t want to be rich and lonely. In Vietnam, the brothers and sisters with a family of hundreds of billions always called me and Quang Le to visit them because they were so sad. I just need the cozy atmosphere to be at my best, don’t have a big house but be sad.”

Ha Thanh Xuan Prepares to Marry Vietnam's Koi King: Solid Net Worth, Wants Children - Photo 6.

want to have children, to be a mother

In some recent talk shows, Ha Thanh Xuan also hinted at marrying and getting married. For example, at the Truc Diem Show, the singer said:

“At the moment my career is stable, so I want to be a family woman, get married and have children.

I understand that, my parents are getting older every day, I just want my kids to be stable to feel safe. That’s why I also want to get married to reassure my parents.”

Ha Thanh Xuan confirmed that she is capable of being a mother: “All the difficulties in my life have been overcome, so at this point I think I will fulfill the role of wife and mother while attending to work and career. I can take care of them all. two roles.

Ha Thanh Xuan Prepares to Marry Vietnam's Koi King: Solid Net Worth, Wants Children - Photo 7.

I want my ideal man to be like my father. Everyone thinks I’m picky and difficult but I’m very simple, just need love and true feelings. I put my emotions first and what is real will endure for a long time.”

She revealed about the man-to-be (imply about the Vietnamese koi king): “Of course, this person must have economic ability, have the will to strive and be gallant, love children.”

On the recent regular accession program, Ha Thanh Xuan expressed:I used to be busy with my career, but this year I really want to have a baby. I don’t know why but I would like to have a baby this year. But I have no husband.”

In fact, Ha Thanh Xuan is already at a stable career age, with a strong position and reputation in the music industry. hmmm

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