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Should I divorce my second husband?

Four years after divorcing my first husband, I left again. We have been living together for six years, but he has no ambitions and does not know how to share.

I am 39 years old, have been married for six years and have a 14-year-old daughter with my first husband. My first marriage ended after eight years because my husband abused me physically and emotionally. Four years later I married my current husband. He is affectionate, 25 years my senior, highly educated and also had his first marriage before meeting me. He is a civil servant, when he divorced he left his entire fortune to his wife to raise children. When he met me he was still in a rented house and he was riding an old motorcycle. He loves me and my mother and sees him as his own son. We used to have good times, happy times.

When I was together for a long time, I discovered that he was just a good talker, passive, everything big and small came to me. If you do something, I’m the one who ends up dealing with the consequences. What I asked for, he always did in a forced manner, and his friends asked him to always be enthusiastic and focus on helping to get good results. After working with me for six years, he still lives in a rented house, his income has not changed. He has no will to advance at work, does not share anything in the family. Money, my feelings, he didn’t pay attention. Everything makes me tired, I want to let go. What should I do?


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