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Short women buy Yamaha Grande or Honda Scoopy?

Height is limited, I want to buy a motorbike to get to work safely. (Nguyen Huong)

I’m female, only 1.55m tall, weak handlebars as I rarely ride a motorbike. Because the house was close to the road, family members used to drive them to work. In the near future, due to changing family circumstances, I plan to buy a motorcycle to ride alone to work for convenience. I decide between real Yamaha Grande and imported Honda Scoopy.

As far as I know, Grande has a nice design, suitable for office women, has safe ABS brakes, but a high saddle. When you buy it, you also need to shorten the seat by 4-5cm to feel safe. So scared of losing peace and quiet?

Scoopy imported from Indonesia, the design is also strange, it looks familiar to the eyes if you look at it for a long time, even if it looks bad at first sight. Compact, low saddle. I looked at many review channels, compared cars and found that Grande got a lot of praise, and Scoopy is mainly a shop that makes clips showing cars, so it’s not clear what the specific quality is.

My husband said that he buys a car mainly for work, the demand for use is also low, so he likes to buy it. But really, I don’t know which is the best one to buy. The price of two similar cars, over 40 million, Grande is slightly more expensive.

Hope experienced and knowledgeable readers can offer advice.

Thank you very much!

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