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Promoting data connectivity in the 2022 Abitur exam

For more than a week, Ly Nhan Tong High School has been organizing extracurricular courses so that 12th graders know how to apply for the final exam on the national civil service portal.

Neither filling out a series of papers like in previous years nor submitting an application, this year all candidates can register for the exam with just a few taps on their mobile phone.

Promoting data connectivity in the 2022 Baccalaureate exam - Photo 1.

From May 4th to 13th, all candidates for the 2022 Baccalaureate must register on the National Civil Service portal. (Illustration Image – Photo: Dan Tri)

“I find it more convenient to register here. When I write on paper, I can’t edit it, but I can edit it on the portal, which is more convenient for candidates,” said Tran Diem Quynh, a Class 12A1 student. , Ly Nhan Tong High School, Bac Ninh City shared.

In order to ensure that all candidates know how to register for the online exam, this morning (April 29), 8 working groups of the National Population Data Center were dispatched to 8 provinces to coordinate with municipalities to solve difficulties and problems.

However, 1,196 grade 12 candidates in Bac Ninh city have all been issued with citizen cards and electronic identification codes, allowing all registration processes on the national public service portal to run smoothly.

“In the past few years we worked very hard to make paper, each kid had 3 records, 3 votes. If you do it online this year, do it once, it will give you 3 votes,” said Ms Nguyen Thi Quy, an official. Bac Ninh High School for the Gifted Office, Bac Ninh City said.

Before the examination took place, Bac Ninh City police coordinated with police from 19 districts in the area to screen students born in 2004 and 2007 to organize the issuance of citizen ID cards and electronic identification codes. .

“The regional police come to people’s homes, take the children to the citizen identification office to ensure that 100% of the children aged for transfer and university exams have an electronic identification code,” said Captain Nguyen Van. Hiep, an officer with the Bac Ninh Municipal Police Administration Team, said.

After a trial run, starting May 4-13, all candidates for the 2022 Baccalaureate exam will be required to register on the national public service portal.

Currently, the data connection between the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Education and Training is being closely scrutinized and monitored by the relevant authorities to ensure that information is updated quickly, accurately and as conveniently as possible. candidates.

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