Powerful but consumes little power

According to previous opinion, it is almost impossible for powerful gaming laptops to achieve long battery life. Simply because internal space has been sacrificed for the heatsink, there’s no room for a large battery, and a powerful CPU and GPU require a lot of power, so they need to be recharged quickly.

Nvidia RTX 30 creates a revolution for gaming laptops: powerful but consumes little power - Photo 1.

But with the launch of the two top GPUs for laptops, specifically the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti, as well as the RTX 30 series combined with new processors from Intel, Alder Lake, Nvidia has brought about a major revolution: the 4th generation Max-Q with many outstanding improvements.

Balance and optimize performance with CPU

In any laptop, the GPU and CPU share the power, not separate inputs like the desktop. And the processor only achieves performance when it is supplied with sufficient power, i.e. if the graphics chip takes everything with it, the computing power is a bit worse. To solve this problem, Nvidia has developed the CPU Optimizer system with the function to balance the performance for CPU and GPU to get the best real-time performance.

Nvidia has worked with world-renowned CPU manufacturers to develop the best power tuning method. Accordingly, the GPU communicates with the CPU to get information about power, temperature, and performance, and then provides more power when the processor needs it until there are computational tasks related to performance. Graphics then draw less power for themselves. This greatly increases the overall performance for any software.

Fast core scaling

Rapid Core Scaling is a valuable new technology that offers comprehensive acceleration of notoriously resource-intensive graphics applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Blender or Matlab. This is something that will help content creators and graphic designers…often use laptops to get excited.

Basically, Rapid Core Scaling allows the GPU to detect which graphics cores the application is using, and instead of turning on all cores, it only activates those that are actually working. Thus, the graphics chip minimizes excess power, concentrating the power on the graphics core needed to sustain high heart rate levels and boosting performance to get the job done faster.

In addition to improving the overall performance of laptops with Nvidia RTX 30 graphics cores, this feature also extends battery life by saving excess power. Thus, the time it takes to use a large charger on high configuration devices is also much shorter.

Battery Boost 2.0

In real use, the laptop does not always have to show a strong performance, most would like to use it a little longer with a fully charged battery for coffee sessions or simple work or learning in shopping. Coffee without cable clutter.

MAXQ Battery Boost Item

Battery Boost 2.0 will greatly help users in extending battery life, this technology has been completely redesigned. Artificial Intelligence (AI) fully controls the internal hardware and finds the most balanced point to power both the GPU and CPU so that it still performs well using less energy. Everything happens in real-time and very precisely, resulting in up to 70% more battery life!

Diverse selection of many major brands

Traditionally, Nvidia has partnered with the most famous manufacturers such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Gigabyte, Lenovo, MSI, and Razer, launching complete gaming laptops and builders. most perfect.

There are more than 160 laptop models to be launched this year in 2022 in Vietnam and around the world, equipped with great Max-Q 4th Gen technologies and great RTX 30 performance, for gamers to choose from. .

Nvidia RTX 30 creates a revolution for gaming laptops: strong, but consumes little power - photo 5.

Typically, there are Predator Triton 500 SE, Predator Helios 300, Swift X from Acer. Alienware also has the top-of-the-line M-Series and X-Series. Asus has the new ROG Strix SCAR line and the ROG Zephyrus Duo 2 has a great screen. Gigabyte sized update with already impressive AERO and AORUS lines. Lenovo is no less competitive with its Legion brand. MSI has now introduced the powerful GS77, GE76. And finally Razer with Blade 14, Blade 15, Blade 17 too beautiful too strong.

In particular, Nvidia is currently working with the Star Computer Store to exchange old laptops for new GeForce laptops. Users just need to bring a viable laptop to the store to get a discount coupon of up to VND 5 million (depending on the old device configuration) to buy a new device or get a valuable gaming chair. 2.5 million VND totally free.

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