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Pocket experience in choosing a dash cam for your car

Friday, April 29, 2022 3:47 pm (GMT+7)

The dash cam is an effective assistant to the driver in the event of a collision, and also warns the traffic signs.

Car dashcams are becoming more and more popular and become the essential equipment for motorists. So what is a dash cam? What are the important features and price of the dash cam? In particular, a dash cam is a necessary piece of equipment when using a car.

The dash cam has the sole purpose of recording the vehicle’s movement as it moves on the road. In addition to storing beautiful images, the dash cam also stores other operational information such as speed, travel coordinates, date and time, road emergency situations…

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This information is just normal information with no value. However, when it comes to traffic accidents, accidents, traffic police mistakes, self-staged accidents or theft on the road, the dash cam information becomes extremely important and valuable. In order to buy a dash cam that is suitable for your vehicle model and usage requirements, you need to consider the following.

Lens quality and camera design

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The main function of the dash cam is to record videos. Therefore, the quality of the camera lens, including the image quality and the wideness of the shooting angle, should be given the highest priority. The image quality in high resolution (720, Full HD 1080, Ultra 4K) is determined by the image sensor.

Dash cams priced at 3 million or more will use Sony sensors. The wide viewing angle (typically 140-170 degrees) captures better images on both sides of the road, especially in unexpected situations from both sides of the road, such as B. when turning or changing lanes without a signal. Prior notice.

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A dashcam with a compact design does not restrict the view, the image currently displayed on the camera does not distract the driver. There are currently two types of dashcam designs, one with a mirror and one with detachable legs. When making your selection, you should pay attention not only to the design but also to the aesthetics of the cockpit when installing the cam.

Technology built into the dash cam

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– Ability to connect to WiFi: The dash cam can connect to the phone, which makes it easier to set up functions on the camera and view and download video files. Users do not need a computer or reader to download video files when needed.

– GPS Positioning, Navigation Maps: The dashcams are capable of locating GPS coordinates combined with a navigation map to help the driver move more easily while also recording the speed of vehicle movement. . There are currently two popular map types, Vietmap and Navitel.

– Traffic sign warning: Some dash cams have a sensor mechanism to recognize traffic signs and send warning signals to users. If you often run long distances, go to the province, you should particularly prioritize this function.

selling price and origin

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The current action camera market is quite active. Not only long-established brands from Korea, Japan and the USA, but also cheap dash cams from China are appearing more and more frequently and offer a diverse selection that is suitable for the wallet of the digital world. many consumers. And yet there are also a number of cameras from domestic brands that are integrated with many functions and record the front and rear of the car.

The price of a dash cam ranges from 1 million VND to more than 15 million VND. The final decision depends on the needs of each car owner.

Protect yourself in case of collision and avoid losing money

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When you are out on the road, it is inevitable that collisions or encounters with “crazy” situations are inevitable. When there is no recorded evidence, the case becomes very complicated. Therefore, the dash cam is an effective savior to help you provide specific visual evidence. This makes handling easier.

Equipped with a dash cam, it helps the driver “unfairly lose money” from “illegitimate fines” from traffic police. The images captured by the camera will serve as evidence for the driver to justify themselves.

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