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MU vs Brentford press conference: Rangnick revealed his upcoming role and shared bad news about Sancho

Before the game against Brentford, coach Ralf Rangnick spoke about the forthcoming work at MU and the situation of the squad.

Upcoming work in the association

For me the most important thing is to focus on recruitment. We’ll try to get the best players we can, but we can’t say who they are yet. Once the target is identified, we must meet and convince them to join the team, even if mu unable to qualify for the Champions League next season. I think that’s the most important thing in my upcoming job at the MU.

MU vs Brentford press conference: Rangnick revealed upcoming role and shared bad news about Sancho – May 1

Coach Ralf Rangnick

In addition, I will also look at the young talents that have grown out of the team’s academy and find the best fit. Mason Greenwood is a prime example, he’s the best young talent I’ve seen in years. We will try to find similar players. This is my job for the next 1-2 years.

However, opinions on recruiting experienced players are not yet successful

My personal opinion is that the team should find players who can become future stars and train them. But the difficult point is the need to find such young talent. Erling Haaland is a prime example. He is only 21, 22 years old and has become one of the most expensive players in the world in the last 1 or 2 years. I hope MU has players like that too.

Is MU still the club the players want to go to?

MU is definitely such a team if they have many notable points like stadiums, fans, training ground or youth training system. But we also have to be realistic because ChelseaLiverpool or Man City all have their own strengths.

Therefore, MU needs to get better results to attract players. The burden is placed on Erik’s (Ten Hag) shoulders. It all depends on what he wants. Like me or Jürgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel and certainly Pep Guardiola, we will communicate and speak directly to the target person.

This is very important, the coach must explain his goal of transferring his role in the team and the goal of developing the team. This will produce the best players for the team.

force situation

Fred couldn’t come back for the Chelsea game even though he really wants to play. Jadon Sancho may have to miss the whole season with tonsillitis. Cavani is expected to return after a period of recovery in the game against Brentford. I’m not sure if he will start but he can come off the bench.

We’ll have to await the results of Maguire’s medical while Lingard is absent from Chelsea due to family reasons. I hope that some players can be back in the game next Monday.

Tell me more about Sancho’s situation

He has tonsillitis and it just got removed. With what I know and the rest of the season I think it’s difficult for him to recover in time. I’m not sure about the game against Crystal Palace, but he’s definitely missing for the next two games.

The future of MU

I’m very optimistic about this. We currently have one of the best coaches in Europe, Erik Ten Hag, and the team are also planning to rebuild the squad. These two things may give MU a new look in the near future

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