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Mix 3 bloodlines, speak 3 languages ​​fluently

In recent days, players of the “Top” system know that the trend of showing card photos is being enthusiastically embraced by students. No need for photoshop, no need to use good makeup app, just 1 photo card is enough for the young men and women to attract millions of viewers with their excellent looks.

This time, the character admired by netizens is her friend Vo Le Diep Bao Tran (born 2001, major in Public Relations, Van Lang University). At first, her friend only posted the clip “for fun” because she saw her classmates joining the trend at the same time. However, the clip received almost 440,000 hearts and 5.4 million views on Tiktok.

The photo of the card has made netizens fall in love in recent days

Slightly wavy hair, moderate makeup and a high bridge of the nose, this girl immediately attracts the attention of many people. Even the owner was surprised by the clip’s virality: “I am very happy and surprised because for a person who is not a TikTok professional like me, this interaction is very valuable. Also, I am better known to myself and to Van Lang from many other students in other schools.”

In response to many people’s comments that she has a strange beauty, Bao Tran said that she is a mixture of 3 bloodlines. Her mother is Vietnamese-French mixed breed and her father is Chinese. From a young age, Bao Tran and his family lived and studied in Vietnam. Specifically, she can communicate fluently in 2 languages, English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Some beautiful pics of a hot girl with three French – Vietnamese – Chinese bloodlines. In addition, she also impresses when she is fluent in 2 languages

Before falling in love with her current school, Bao Tran briefly studied in Nha Trang. However, seeing that the media industry was not developed in her home country, her friend asked permission to retake the exam and moved to Ho Chi Minh City to study.

When she first arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, the student faced many difficulties living apart from her family for the first time: “In the first 2 weeks I lost 39 kg. In the past I was always with my family, everything was spoiled and easy to get, so I was shocked at first.”

It is known that Bao Trans’s father is the owner of a seafood import and export company in the city of Nha Trang. Discussing the ‘rich kid’ nickname her friends gave her, the 2k1 student said: “Initially I was very upset when someone called me ‘rich kid’. But in the end, the word rich also has a positive connotation. After that, I gradually accepted this nickname and felt normal. usually with it”.

At the age of 21, Bao Tran started to become financially independent with income from modeling, KOL and content creator. She admits that she doesn’t enjoy collecting expensive stamps, so each month her mother transfers the excess money to a bank account or savings account.

She had a beautiful appearance, but during her school days, there was a time when Tran weighed 70 kg and suffered from body shaming. “A lot of friends said I was fat and when I got up to speak, friends downstairs were looking at my body and talking about this and that. Back then my family and friends talked about my weight so much that I am now. I’m still very sensitive and pressured when someone calls me fat.”

In order to lose weight successfully, female students also have to make many compromises

Once a weight obsessed individual, Bao Tran has used many unscientific weight loss methods, including excessive dieting. As a result, she lost hair, darkened skin, dizziness, disrupted the process of growth and seriously damaged her health. Eventually, she learned to take care of herself and hopes that no one will repeat her wrong methods.

Bao Tran shared with us that her upcoming plan is to actively participate in extracurricular activities and complete her studies at school. Also, she wants to improve her skills and try some projects related to media or art.

Photo: NVCC

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