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Knowing my ex is getting married soon, I feel pain because of my previous decision

I am sure in this world no one would want to break up with their lover while they still have feelings unless they are suffering from it. Six months ago I also found out that I was suffering from an incurable disease. Knowing I would be living in the hospital and being friends with drugs for the months to come, I decided to break up with Quan – my lover at the time.

Because I’m so clingy and love each other, I don’t want him to feel weak on the hospital bed. After saying goodbye, I broke contact, left my hometown to live with my parents. Only my parents and my best friend knew that I was ill. Everyone understood my personality, so nobody revealed it to Quan.

For the past six months I’ve been spending more time in the hospital than at home. When I often talk to old friends and know that Quan still has feelings for me, I am heartbroken. But somehow I chose this path, so I have to try to see it through to the end.

When I heard yesterday that Quan was getting married, I was shocked deep in my heart. Last month I saw him on Facebook saying he was single, what has he reported this month? Did he fall in love quickly to marry me so I would regret it?

Then this morning my best friend came to play. she brought invitation card and told me to open it. As soon as I saw the groom’s name, my eyes blurred. so you about to get married it’s true. But afterwards I panicked. Because the bride’s last name is the same as mine.

At that moment, Quan pushed open the door and entered. He said that he would not marry any woman but me. As he looked at me with the necklace in my hand, Quan burst into tears and blamed me for trying so hard to be alone. As it turned out, he had been hearing messages from my friends for a long time. A few days ago, Quan found out that I was sick and in the hospital. You sent me an invitation card to test my feelings for you, will I be sad knowing that you are getting married?

The moment I met Quan again, I was both happy and sad in my heart. Glad your feelings are still the same. But sad because I’m not as healthy as before. Go back to Quan now because of low self-esteem, and the breakup is cruel the true love yours too. What should I do when faced with this choice?

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