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“Haunted” by Ngan Assassin’s game load, male fans forget that the streamer wears extremely “flaming” clothes

For brothers player It’s not difficult to understand when it comes to the expression “Load game”. In simple terms, this means that cash is used to convert it into virtual money or in-game assets through various methods such as playing cards, bank accounts or special applications. Of course, the higher the entry, the greater the player’s advantage. This even bothers many gamers Stromer famous for having to “close” them for the game.

One of the top streamers crying over the game bail is definitely Ngan Assassin. She even holds the title of PUBG’s “big woman” when she had to spend big bucks to shoot tens of millions of Dong worth of items. Most notable is the extremely valuable 30 million VND armor and a number of other valuable items.

Then, when she suddenly realized that the amount of money that could be loaded into the game could build a mansion, she couldn’t help but cry and firmly declare that she would never load the card again.

The vicious cycle: charging up the card, recognizing, crying and promising not to continue, but out of “passion” he continued to fill up Ngan Assassin’s card and “haunted” the fans so much that, even though the streamer wore sexy costumes, they feel one Post “virtual life” status, the male fan doesn’t care. This guy just indifferently reminded: “Reduce UC to pay for a healthy shirt sis”All readers laugh.

The streamer wears a cut out outfit and is sexier than usual.

Male fans did not forget to advise Ngan Assassin.

Maybe this isn’t the first time she’s sported a sexy cut, so her fans don’t pay her much attention or are just excited to tease her. 20220429103641622.chn

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