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Ha Ho rejuvenates the skin with milk tooth pulp

At the age of 37, Ha Ho makes people jealous of many things: a perfect family, a perfect career, a hot body and smooth smooth skin that few can match. It’s not that the mother-of-three is that particular about showing off her skin on social media, it’s just because she wants to show off her healthy, glowing skin that every woman loves.

The secret behind this wonderful skin was recently revealed by the owner. At each stage, Ha Ho nourishes her skin using many different methods, and recently she fights aging and rejuvenates skin with milk tooth pulp stem cell infusion technology – an exclusive Japanese technology to support young skin. never grow old.

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There are many ways to regenerate the skin, with the infusion of stem cells from the deciduous pulp of children under the age of 10 – the purest and most versatile cell type – being the most effective method. Milk tooth pulp stem cells have unlimited differentiation potential and have been exploited and applied by Japanese scientists in skin rejuvenation treatments.

When transplanted just under the skin, deciduous pulp stem cells are rapidly activated and develop into mature skin cells, replacing old, dark, damaged skin cells on the skin. Skin. This technology helps to regenerate skin structure, regenerate collagen and elastin, improve firmness, improve melasma / concave scars / acne scars, reduce wrinkles as well as slow down the aging process…

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The process of implanting milk pulp stem cells into the skin consists of 5 basic steps.

Step 1: Customers are examined, tested and advised. With this technology, customers must undergo intensive blood tests and other prescribed tests to ensure satisfactory health indicators before undergoing a stem cell infusion into the body.

step 2: The doctor will design and give a separate treatment regimen for each skin condition and the different needs of the client.

step 3: Start treatment procedure, perform PRP centrifugation, extract platelet-rich plasma.

step 4: The skin is regenerated with milk tooth pulp stem cells in combination with PRP.

step 5: After the completion of the stem cell infusion process, clients will be guided on post-treatment skin care.

Besides skin care application, milk tooth pulp stem cell infusion technology is also effective in improving many other health problems such as: B. in overcoming hair loss, healing joint pain and treating diseases. Alzheimer’s… Therefore, the amount of stem cells transferred into the body is different for each person, depending on the examination procedure and the doctor’s decision. The timing of the stem cell infusion and the effectiveness of the technology are different for each client.

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It is known that 1 cc of stem cells used for transfusion into the body costs up to VND 54 million. Each infusion needs up to 1-2ml depending on the skin condition, but if bone and joint problems are to be treated it needs to be 13ml/time. Such high costs are due to the fact that the stage of preservation and freezing of stem cells from milk tooth pulp is very complicated and strict. Accordingly, Ha Ho spent more than 100 million for this skin rejuvenation treatment.

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