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Every corner is beautiful, the balcony is green

Kieu Chinh is a YouTuber born in 2000 who knows the association “Son Swatch” through her thoughtful lipstick test videos, also she posts a lot of interesting content about her everyday life.

The girl who lives alone still rents a house of 102 m2, 3 bedrooms for 15 million/month: every corner is beautiful, the balcony is green - photo 1.

Currently, this Gen Z friend owns a YouTube channel of the same name with more than 200,000 subscribers. What makes a big impression in their videos is the extremely luxurious but equally spacious and cute living space.

The girl who lives alone still rents a house of 102 m2, 3 bedrooms for 15 million/month: every corner is beautiful, the balcony is green - photo 2.

Kieu Chinh’s super nice apartment

Kieu Chinh informed us that she lives in a 102 sqm apartment in Thanh Xuan District (Hanoi) and has a monthly rent of VND 14.5 million excluding service charges. Although she lives alone, her friend rents a 3 bedroom apartment to serve her own filming.

Let’s follow Kieu Chinh rental story!

Can you introduce yourself!

My name is Kieu Chinh, born in 2000, currently living and working in Hanoi. I am a 3rd year of Thang Long University.

What are the 3 highlights of the current house that Kieu Chinh likes the most?

Currently, I am renting a house in Thanh Xuan area (Hanoi), not in the central district, but it is quite convenient for me to study and work. A monthly rent excluding electricity, water and service charges is VND 14.5 million. I think this is a reasonable price, suitable for a 102m2 apartment with original basics, the building I live in, the price is higher than other buildings in the same area.

The main color of the apartment is beige and white

The highlight of the house which I like is that all 3 rooms have floor to ceiling windows so there is good light for photography followed by the top floor apartment so some noise is avoided. Oh. And finally, the apartment has a north-west orientation, the summer will be sunny in the afternoon, which will serve my shooting.

When it comes to buying a house and renting a house, which side does Trinh tend to lean towards? Why?

I see this story, each person will have their own opinion depending on the intended use as well as each person’s personal finances.

The apartment has many mirrors to increase the spaciousness of the room

At this time I haven’t made a commitment that I will live and work 100% in Hanoi, so I will still choose a rented house, plus I will have experiences in many different living spaces in a rented house. more experience for his future home. And the main reason I still live in a rented house is that I don’t have enough money to buy a house (laughs).

Was Chinh’s journey to finding and renting a home ‘difficult’?

This is the third time I have been looking for a rental home myself, so I have more experience and have a clear outline of the initial requirements I must have.

The decor emphasizes the femininity and gentleness of the owner

There will be a house that I like on this point, but has other shortcomings, so access is not easy, but it is not difficult, after all, after about 1 week, I still found a good house compared to others. Demand.

Why rent a house alone but you care so much? Wouldn’t moving be expensive?

Living space is a very important part for me. I’ll be working from home mostly, so the house has to look good and feel comfortable so I can be more motivated to work.

Balcony full of green plants

I often change the decor in my house to get new inspiration. I love the feeling when people come to my house and compliment my house. On top of that, having a beautiful background is also extremely important when shooting videos.

Have you already thought about buying your first house? What is your opinion on the home buying installment loan for today’s youth?

At the moment I haven’t thought about buying my first house because I don’t have enough money. As far as paying in installments when buying a house, I have found that this is a very good and cheap method. Because sometimes the whole family can afford to pay the entire amount, but they still decide to pay in installments because the financial problem they have chosen deems it appropriate.

Every corner can live virtually

In conclusion, Chinh, we have one piece of advice for everyone when it comes to renting a house!

When renting a house in an upscale apartment complex, everyone should look at the house directly, see if the campus is suitable, the elevator is fast or slow, is the building badly run down, and do you have a dog or cat? Like me, remember to ask if it’s legal to adopt.

It is important that everyone does their research and looks at many different properties and compare rents to avoid expensive rents. List all the important things before looking at a house. Hope you find your dream home!

Thanks Chinh for sharing!

Photo: NVCC

The girl who lives alone still rents a house of 102 m2, 3 bedrooms for 15 million/month: every corner is beautiful, the balcony is green - photo 8.–thang-goc-nao-cung – beautiful-ban-cong-gruner-muot-20220429111945009.chn

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