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Entrepreneurship is an official subject at FPT University

Pitching Demo Day (roughly translated: Raise Capital, Convince Investors) is a program organized with the aim of providing student groups with business creation opportunities, from presenting ideas to developing products and developing startups. With its operating model and expected business outcomes to attract investors and raise capital, the Entrepreneurship Department has organized many activities to connect students with investors.

During the program, groups of students from FPT University presented topics such as: Jgo – The basis of teaching Japanese, providing documents, mock tests and games to entertain and help learners to master their language. Restore the language of the Land of the Rising Sun. Next up is bike tag – anti-theft protection for bikes and other items; Yost – An application to protect children in cyberspace and DesMe – a platform for providing handmade products that connects production – transport – consumption units in a modern way.

Entrepreneurship is an official subject at FPT University - Photo 1.

Groups of students from FPT University took turns presenting startup topics

.Besides the conquest, you have also received and exchanged many shares with investors: Ms. Do Thu Ngan – Director of Risk Management Consulting Services – PWC Vietnam Consulting Co., Ltd; Mr. Tran Van Son – Business Development Manager – Trinity Group Joint Stock Company; Mr. Pham Bao Long – Strategy Director – Spac3ship Joint Stock Company; Mr. Phan Gia Hoang, Mr. Tran Dinh Thanh, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Bao – Lecturer at FPT University.

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Investors and advisors share opinions, suggestions and reviews for students.

As of spring semester 2022, Entrepreneurship Experience will be included in the formal and compulsory training program for all FPT University students. The school expects that this subject will provide students with a foundation of practical knowledge of creativity – entrepreneurship from which students will have a keen mind to spot and seize opportunities in trends. The world is changing fast, helping students start a business right from school. The teaching-learning method is the self-acquisition of knowledge through practical experience, the cultivation of creative ability. dr Phan Gia Hoang – Head of Entrepreneurship Department – ​​FPT University added: “The training method is based on hands-on experience, students can approach, receive exchanges and guidance from teachers. Startup founders, investment funds and C-suite levels in the FPT University partner network with innovative companies”.

Countries around the world have also started introducing entrepreneurship experiences in schools. FPT University’s inclusion of this topic in the training program bridges the gap between business and students, cultivating valuable knowledge and skills for your future journey. Successful startup examples such as FPT University alumni: Nguyen The Vinh – Co-Founder – Coine 98 Finace, Nguyen Thanh Trung – Founder of global hit game Axie infinity, Tran Trung Hieu – Founder, CEO Top CV… have fueled the fire for FPT Students – the next generation of startups. Previously, FPT University was also the target of many corporations, including billionaire Dr. Serg Bell and Dr. Stanislav Protassov – the founders of the $2.5 billion Acronis technology unicorn.

The Entrepreneurship Experience subject adheres to the school’s mission, educational philosophy and goals with a desire to create a generation willing to engage and take on challenges to achieve their dreams and bring them to life . The Vietnamese secret service reaches the world.

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