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Discover the “Muse” of the Northeast 3D2D with a price of less than 2 million VND-Travel

Saturday, April 30, 2022 01:00 (GMT+7)

With only 1,700,000 VND, you will have a very interesting journey to experience Cao Bang 3N2D. This place is not crowded even on holidays, so it is very suitable for those who are afraid of noise.

Her journey to Cao Bang Anna Tran 3N2D is quite interesting, it is worthwhile for visitors to visit during these holidays from 4/30 to 4/30.


From Hanoi – Cao Bang: We opt for a round trip sleeper bus from Hanoi to Cao Bang. Pick up at My Dinh bus station and drop off at Cao Bang city center. The night bus only runs at night.

Opening hours:

– Hanoi – Cao Bang: 8:30 p.m

– Cao Bang – Hanoi: 20:00 hrs

Car price: 300,000/person/way (since the epidemic, most car prices have generally increased).

The car runs very smoothly, the bed is comfortable, I usually bring a spare blanket for fear that the garage ceiling is not comfortable, but the blanket is pretty clean and fragrant. When I got in the car I fell asleep until I got off the bus.

Moving to Cao Bang:

For convenience, when I’m traveling in Cao Bang, I rent a motorbike at home to travel.

Rental price: 200,000/day/car.

Gasoline: 02 days on the road on Cao Bang, I poured 4 times, total: 170k gas money


Breakfast for 2 days is recommended by the host: Cao Bang Banh Cuon – a restaurant near the homestay. It’s the first time I eat it, it’s delicious! Price: 60,000/02 people.

Quyen’s heirloom pho – The owner said that this restaurant is famous and very tasty and has many customers to travel Also come here to eat. I opt for mixed pho, the sauce is quite odd, sweet and sprinkled with fried sweet potato fibers to eat with crispy crunchy pho. Price: 40k/bowl.


DAY 01: City. CAO BANG – (84 km) BOOK FACTORY – (700 m) TRUC Lam Buddha Temple – (3.9 km) Nguom Ngao Cave – (17 km) BAN WRITE HOUSE.

Means of transport: motorbike

Ban Gioc Waterfall Ticket: 45,000/person + 10,000 parking/car. Note: Those who want to rent a boat to get closer to the waterfall pay 50k/person).

Phat Tich Pagoda (Free) + Parking at the foot of the slope: 10,000 / car + By motorbike taxi from the foot to the temple: 20,000 / person

Tickets to visit 1/3 of Nguom Ngao Cave: 45,000/person + 10,000 parking spaces/car. Note: The ticket to visit the whole place + experience everything costs: 195,000.

Note: The road to Phat Tich Pagoda is very difficult to drive + there is a sign not to go to the temple with motorbikes + cars. People park their cars at the water level at the foot of the pagoda and then walk or take a motorcycle taxi from their feet to the temple. Rest assured, motorcycle taxis have very high skills.

We visited the temple for about 45 minutes and then went to Nguom Ngao Cave. We bought a ticket to experience 1 route so it took about an hour to get here. The limestone blocks in the cave are really beautiful, seeing them in person is much more spectacular than the photos.

Around 5:00 pm we finished the sightseeing and got on the bus back to the city center. Arrive around 7:00 p.m.

As it is Saturday night the pedestrian street is quite busy with lots of interesting singing and gaming activities.

DAY 02: City. CAO BANG – (50 km) PAC PO HISTORIC AREA – (50 km) CAO BANG City – (27 km) MAT Than Mountain

Means of transport: motorbike

Tickets for monuments + tram: 45,000/person + parking lot 5,000/motorbike.

God’s Eye Mountain is so beautiful all together! We go in April – in the dry season. This creates a large valley with green grass at the foot of the mountain. When we arrived it was around sunset, a few tourists were setting up camp on the hills looking very cold.

I really like the atmosphere here so I sat here for more than an hour and then came across Thang Hen Lake about 3.7km away. Arriving at the site it was dusk but the site was deserted so I walked to the gate and then looked back because I was a bit scared. (It’s a little sad to think)

20h00 Car takes us back to Hanoi. At 5:00 am we were at My Dinh bus station. Trip end 03 nights 02 days.

Summary of the trip

The cost for each person to go out is about 1700,000 per person.

Cao Bang hasn’t been too touristy, so most tourist areas retain their gentle beauty. I really like this when I come to Cao Bang.

People are super enthusiastic, sweet and very easy to listen to!

This time I was in April so I couldn’t admire the puncture mountain below surrounded by a clear blue lake. If I have the opportunity, I will definitely arrange a trip in the rainy season.

Food highlights such as: banh cuon, sour noodle soup, mixed pho, roast duck, roast pork, … according to your taste. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time, so I don’t have much time to explore all the specialty restaurants here. If the opportunity arises I will definitely try to find out more.

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