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Controversy over exam marking guidelines for excellent students in literature in Quang Nam

Need a guide on how to mark the “antithesis” part

Specifically, in addition to the opinions that agree with the interesting and topical exam questions, some comments are interested in the grading guidelines of the exam.

A lecturer in Thua Thien Hue who has twice taken part in the provincial examination for outstanding literature students said that the person who created the topic according to the breaking news is very good and brought out what interests society. Creating the Exam Questions like these need to be repeated to help students approach many angles. But the problem of creating this form must have a team of “steady hands”.

However, the dotted content only points in one direction as: understanding parents is a deep expression of filial piety; How to show love and gratitude to parents; Understanding parents is the source of empathy…

“I have read the grading instructions for this subject from the Quang Nam Department of Education and Training. What amazes me here is that the test requires the candidate to present their thoughts, but there is no “opposite” section in the grading instructions.

That is, candidates can express opinions that contradict the majority but still have a strong argument. If there is a separate point of this “antithesis” in the assessment guide, that ensures objectivity,” says the lecturer.

“Assessment Instructions, No Responses”

Speaking to VietNamNet, Mr. Le Van Hiep, Department of Secondary Education, Ministry of Education and Training of Quang Nam Province, confirmed that the posted classification instructions are from the ministry.

“First it should be corrected that this is an assessment guide, not an answer, not cash. The grading guide is only for orientation and is very open, not like right and wrong answers,” says Mr. Hiep.

According to Mr. Hiep, the assessment guide consists of two parts: general instructions and specific instructions.

“In the general instructions, the first point instructs the examiner to be flexible in carrying out the grading instructions, since the question is an open-ended one. The general instructions make it very clear that the examiner must capture the candidate’s presentation content in order to assess the overall work, avoid counting points for points, and use the grading instructions flexibly.

The second point in this general guide is to encourage articles to identify and explain the problem in depth and to argue narrowly, creatively and persuasively,” explained Mr. Hiep.

Guidelines for the grading of excellence students in literature receive public attention
Guidelines for the grading of excellence students in literature receive public attention

Therefore, according to Mr. Hiep, the review guidelines encouraged articles with different, compelling and well-argued interpretations. “This respects the candidate’s work on difference,” added Mr. Hiep.

Mr. Hiep informed that the third part, in the specific instructions, it is written that the candidates can take the test in many ways and here are some orientations, without obligation.

“In that case, the grader will do it flexibly and not do the same as the new grading instructions, so it’s wrong to understand that. There were guidelines on respecting students’ views and explanations that are persuasive. Things in the point guide are just guidelines, an approach, not binding.

If there are different tasks, the examiner will still respect them if the students explain convincingly,” says Mr. Hiep.

When asked why critical ideas that are convincingly explained by the students shouldn’t be included in the grading instructions, Mr Le Van Hiep shared: “This is a 9th grade writing assignment that only took 60 minutes to complete. The topic consists of 2 sentences, divided according to the point ratio (PV), in the grading regulation already an implication, not the grading regulation, which always separates the task.

When implementing judging guidelines, the examiners will discuss, comment, add, agree and then come to an evaluation because the students cannot imagine how they do it.

Earlier, on April 19, in Quang Nam province, the social network Facebook circulated a question to excellent literature students on the topic: “Children understand parents.”

The content of examination task 1 with 8 points is a social discussion with the following content:

a. In the movie Repply 1988, after his tame behavior towards his daughter Duk Sun, the father confessed: “Not only was I born to be a father, I am a first-time father too.

b. In the article: If your parents are unlucky enough to go away, please show them the way, guide and clasp their hands together!, journalist Tran Thu Ha shared: She may be older, but about motherhood, mother is the same age as you . The child is confused, the mother is confused too; I’m wrong, Mama’s wrong. I’m even less disappointed in you than I am in myself.

Based on the above words, please present your thoughts on the topic: children’s understanding of their parents.

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