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Chubb Life would like to thank customers on the occasion of the 17th development anniversary

On May 4, 2022, Chubb Life Insurance Vietnam Co., Ltd (Chubb Life) celebrates its 17th anniversary to provide a comprehensive shield to families across Vietnam and protect people’s worth. Columns, children’s dreams and peaceful old days of parents.

Chubb Life Says Thank You to Customers Celebrating 17 Year Development Anniversary - June 1

To mark this special occasion, Chubb Life would like to sincerely thank its customers with a special promotion entitled 17 Years Because You Are The World.

“Because you are the whole world” is the name of the communication campaign that Chubb Life launched in March 2022 with a humane and inspiring message about the great value of each individual in the wide world. big.

You may be just a person to the world, but to the people you love you are the world. Your values ​​are extremely valuable and you make the difference in the lives and dreams of your family.

Through this campaign, Chubb Life reaffirms its mission to protect millions of breadwinners and Vietnamese families.

Throughout the 17-year journey of building and delivering this superior protection value, Chubb Life values ​​the camaraderie and trust of every customer, which is why CTKM’s “17 years because you are the whole world” is the primary policy. is a sincere thank you to the customers who have chosen Chubb Life as a solid shield to protect the great value of themselves and each and every dear family member.

CTKM “17 years because you are the whole world” will take place from April 29, 2022 to the end of May 28, 2022. By participating in Chubb Life’s life insurance products during this period, customers are not only protected by comprehensive financial protection solutions, but also have the option of receiving 1 set of camping tents. for the whole family.

During the promotion period, the first 1,700 customers will have an insurance policy

whose premium actually paid for the first year of insurance (excluding any additional premium) is at least VND 20,000,000 or more (if the customer has never taken out insurance with Chubb Life) and VND 17,000,000 or more (if the customer is the policyholder of a other insurance policy that was issued before April 29, 2022 and is still valid at the time of application). insurance under this promotion) have the opportunity to receive 1 set of very stylish camping tents for the whole family.

The insurance policy is still valid after the 21-day cooling-off period and fully complies with the above conditions.

Hopefully customers and the whole family will have wonderful and heartfelt moments of shared experiences with this special gift set from Chubb Life to fill the sacred value of two hours of “Family”. Family”. Because we are each other’s world. And remember, every customer means “the whole world” to Chubb Life. For more details on the promotion, see the promotion rules at:

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