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Cho Ray Hospital proposes insurance to reimburse kidney transplant patients for self-medication

Before the shortage of medicines, patients had to buy medicines from outside, hospital head Cho Ray said that this unit sent a letter to propose to Ho Chi Minh City Social Security to find a way to get the patient’s money refund.

On April 29th, Dr. Pham Thanh Viet, Head of General Planning Department, Cho Ray Hospital. In addition, the hospital held a meeting to find the earliest possible solution so that there would be medication for the patient right after the ceremony.

“For patients who find themselves in difficult situations such as poor or near-poor households while waiting for medication, the hospital’s social work department will mobilize funds from donors to help meet costs. Buy medicines,” shared Mr. Viet.

Many patients used to think that they had a health insurance card but had to spend millions to buy medicines outside. According to Doctor Viet, the drug shortage has only recently appeared. This drug belongs to the national bid group for drug procurement. The side of the national shopping center could not negotiate, so the drug is late, if it is urgent, the hospital actively offers.

Therefore, the hospital procures an initial amount of medicines, about 20% of the total amount of medicines, and is expected to have this group of medicines by the end of the ceremony. The remaining medicines will be procured according to regulations, probably in about half a month at the earliest.

“The hospital does not use the form of collusion to borrow drugs first and pay later because they do not comply with the law,” said Dr. viet.

Mr. NVT, a dialysis patient at Cho Ray Hospital, said that luckily he has not had a follow-up visit this time, so he did not have to buy medicines from outside. However, 3 years ago he encountered this condition and had to buy medicines outside for 4-5 months.

“And this time people kidney treatment If I share a room with myself, I need to buy medicines from outside, if I use a little medicine, I need to buy VND 4-5 million, this amount of medicines is for 28 days,” Mr. T shared.

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