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China accuses NATO of confusing Europe

China accuses NATO of disrupting Europe - Photo 1.

Flags of NATO members at headquarters in Brussels, Belgium – Photo: AP

Speaking in London on April 27, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said NATO must look beyond its membership and work with partners to counter threats in the Indo-Pacific.

The British Foreign Secretary also hinted that the economic rise of China – now the world’s second largest economy – could be targeted.

“China will not rise further if it does not play by the rules. China needs to trade with the G7. We (the G7) represent about half of the world economy. And we have many options.” , Ms Truss explained analysis.

“We showed Russia the options we are ready to take if international rules are violated,” she said.

Ms. Truss also issued a direct warning to China. “Countries must abide by the rules, including China,” she said.

On April 28, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin dismissed Ms Truss’s remarks, accusing NATO of asking other countries to abide by the ground rules while the bloc is “doing so on purpose”. Wars and bombings in sovereign countries, killing and evacuation of innocent civilians”.

“NATO ruined Europe, now wants to ruin Asia-Pacific and even the world?” Mr. Uong Van Bin asked.

China has refused to condemn the Russian military operation in Ukraine. This drew criticism from European governments. At the China-EU summit, Premier Li Keqiang said Beijing will pursue peace “in its own way.”

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