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Can I get a job if I don’t learn Korean?

I would like to do a job related to Korean translation after graduation, but it is difficult for me to get a Korean major in a university.

I’m preparing for the university entrance exam and I’m interested in studying Korean – with a focus on translation and interpreting.

When I asked questions on the forum about the relationship between majors, degrees, and jobs related to Korean, my supervisors advised me that most companies do not require a degree, only a TOPIK certificate and experience. However, I think that with a degree in the right field, job opportunities will be more open. So I don’t want to study languages ​​in centers, I want to learn this foreign language to get a university degree.

Reading information on recruitment websites, I see that all companies require a degree, at least a college degree, but I don’t know if they require a degree in Korean or some other major. however.

If there is a need to be Korean, I think I have little chance because the probability of passing this major at university level is not high. That’s why I learned another branch of oriental studies. I took a quick look at the training program and found that it teaches Korean language and culture, but also Japanese and Japanese culture. I’m afraid I can’t specialize very much in the language I want.

I would like to ask if I should choose Oriental Studies and if I don’t major in Korean at university, will I lose the opportunity to do jobs in this language? I look forward to any advice.


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