Born just to be nerfed enough

Pull out

To be honest, Twitch is one of the champions with the unbalanced design of truth arena. Even the person in charge of the Dignity Flag project, Riot Mortdog, must be pissed about Twitch, we can see how powerful this entity is. Just the fact that he’s both an assassin champion and has ranged and skills is enough to prove it. Pull out is too strong a champion for Riot not to create.

Top 3 Worst Fate Units in The Arena of Truth Season 6.5: Born Just to Be Nerfed Enough - Photo 1.

Twitch ate too many nerfs when it came back in Season 6.5

Therefore, since players have discovered the true power of Twitch, this unit has continually nerfed from damage output to mana consumption. And then, after a long period of careful mentoring from Riot, Twitch finally stopped being dominant and returned to its true value of a 1 gold unit. If Riot were just a little light-hearted about nerfing Twitch, maybe this unit would still dominate the meta.


Ever since he was in the form of a General of the Empire, Talon has been a very powerful unit of the Assassin Squad. So this unit was nerfed a few times before Season 6.5 came out, even after the midseason update, Talon continued to be maintained. Specifically, Talon has been continuously reduced from skill damage, health, armor/magic resist for the last 3-4 versions. Even the Elegant Clan’s VIP effect on Talon has been toned down.

Top 3 Worst Fate Units in The Arena of Truth Season 6.5: Born Just to Be Nerfed Enough - Photo 2.

Talon is a champion that is constantly being nerfed, but is still extremely strong

Despite this, Talon is still a very strong general in the Assassin roster at the moment and is very good at “carrying” the team. If you remember Twitch’s troubles as a long-armed assassin champion, Talon can fully recreate that just by owning the Lien Thanh Cannon. In combination with good resistant generals (Leona) and the ability to break the enemy team well (Blitzcrank, Syndra), Talon has always created the best conditions to deal maximum damage.


To talk about power Irelia then we can just understand that pre-season 6.5 idol teams need to play against 5 gold champions to “carry the team”. However, with the appearance of Irelia, who is currently in the idol box with 3 generals, this piece can “do anything”. Obviously the fact that a 4 gold champion has the same power as an expensive 5 gold unit is too absurd, so Irelia has been nerfing constantly since her return.

Top 3 Worst Fate Units in The Arena of Truth Season 6.5: Born Just to Be Nerfed Enough - Photo 3.

When it was first released, Season 6.5’s Irelia was also considered as strong as a 5 money champion

More specifically, when she first came back, Irelia’s base AD 90 was at 1-star level, but now it’s only 70. After that, an index like basic attack speed, skill damage, or skill energy was also nerfed in the earlier versions. As a result, from being a super foothold, Irelia is now only relatively stable in strength with a 4 gold champion and isn’t as dominant as she was before. duong-20220429115329888.chn

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