At dawn the sky appears with 2 merging planets

According to NASA it will be an incomplete merger as the planets are still 0.2 degrees apart, but almost with the naked eye we will see 2 objects fully forming one mass. That’s Venus and Jupiter, two of the easiest astronomical objects in the sky so you won’t have any trouble spotting them.

This spectacular scene continued to be repeated at dawn on May 1, the two planets were still slightly apart, but the positions would be reversed, according to the report. science alert.

Tomorrow morning 2 merging planets will appear in the sky - photo 1.

Graphic image from NASA shows the future scene from the perspective of Huntsville, Alabama – USA, where the brightest object in the sky is the merger of the two planets – Photo: NASA

Of course, Venus and Jupiter are not actually merging literally, only from the perspective of Earth people when they happen to align in our line of observation.

This is the second planetary conjunction earthlings can observe in April. Mars and Saturn had such a spectacular merger before.

According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the merger at dawn on April 30 is an “extremely close” combination and one to admire. If you have binoculars or a telescope you can see them more clearly, even some of Jupiter’s moons can be seen through a telescope.

Corresponding heaven of earth, Venus will have an illuminance of -4 and Jupiter -2.1, which is enough for a clear observation. The best viewing time is 1 hour before sunrise. You will also not be afraid of the moonlight covering the planets because this is the time of the new moon.

NASA forecasts a more spectacular merger will occur on June 24: All of the other planets in the sun will align with each other as seen from Earth, merging almost into a 1″ single “superplanet.” Most planets are visible to the naked eye, only Uranus and Neptune require a telescope.

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