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Another Honda motorcycle model has a huge discount, up to incredible heights

Recently information related to the Honda’s motorcycle The newly launched Air Blade has received special attention from consumers. In order to be able to keep up with its blood brother, the Honda Vario 160 has this time been heavily discounted by private dealers to the point of being unbelievable.

Honda Vario 160 is imported from Indonesia. In Germany, the model is available in 2 versions, CBS and ABS, at prices of USD 1,798 and USD 1,985 respectively.

The Honda Vario 160 CBS version is currently offered by Vietnamese dealers for 57.7 million VND and the ABS version ranges from 67.7 to 69.2 million VND. Thus, the Honda Vario 160 has dropped by almost VND 20 million compared to when it first entered the Vietnamese market. This is also the extremely low price of this model since it was imported to Vietnam.

Another model of a Honda motorcycle with a huge discount up to incredible levels - photo 1.

Honda Vario 160 was launched in February 2022 but is not officially distributed, only imported by private dealers to sell to customers. In Vietnam, this model is considered a rival of Honda Air Blade and is an “infidel” that always wins a piece of the Air Blade’s market share.

The vehicle has an overall size of length x width x height of 1,929 x 679 x 1,088 mm each, a seat height of 778 mm and a ground clearance of 140 mm to overcome the undercarriage disadvantage when climbing the pavement.

In terms of exterior, this car got pretty good reviews from consumers as it featured a strong personal design, similar to maxi scooter style with a big front end, angular shape and big LED light block. The new look is based on the eSAF chassis.

The vehicle is equipped with new LED lighting technology. The demi light and turn signal system is designed in a “fake separate” mold with a high tail divided by an outer plastic mask. The taillights have a diamond-shaped LED main light and a detachable turn signal light.

The outstanding features of the Vario 160 2022 also include Smart Lock, digital dashboard, ABS brakes, USB charging port. The trunk volume is increased to 18 liters. The fuel tank under the seat holds 5.5 liters. Vario 160 has a declared fuel consumption of petrol for 46.9 km / 1 liter of petrol.

In the 6th generation, the Honda Vario is equipped with an eSP + (Enhanced Smart Power +) engine, 156.9 cc, 4-valve SOHC, liquid-cooled and electronic PGM-FI fuel injection system. The piston size is 60 mm with a piston stroke of 55.5 mm, the compression ratio is quite high at 12:1. The Honda Vario 160 produces a maximum power of 15.4 hp at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.8 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

According to newly released data from Vietnam Register, Honda Air Blade 160 was recently registered for fuel economy.

Accordingly, Honda Air Blade has a version with 156.9 cc engine with electronic fuel injection, power output 11.2 kW at 8,000 rpm (about 15 hp), liquid-cooled single cylinder. Compared to the Air Blade 150 version, this engine has a larger capacity and higher power of about 2 hp. The fuel consumption announced by Honda Vietnam for Air Blade 160 is 2.3 liters / 100km.

Some equipment is expected to be available for Honda Air Blade 160, including ABS anti-lock braking system, smart key, LCD instrument cluster …

So far, Honda has been fairly reticent about newly launched products. Therefore, Honda Vietnam has not confirmed or disclosed any information related to Honda Air Blade 160 until now.

(Photo: Minh Long Moto)

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