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After 2 losses, why did Quan Vu only surrender to Cao Cao and ignore Sun Quan?

Winning and losing is normal, but that’s something for a general. And if victory and defeat are attributed to a few famous generals, this problem can become more serious and even lead to influencers that affect the course of history. One of the few famous generals that can be mentioned is Quan Vu.

Guan Yu was a famous general who had great merit in founding the Shu Han Dynasty. Quan Vu’s talent and loyalty once caused the three most powerful powers of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Wei, Thuc Han and Dong Ngo, to abstain.

After 2 losses, why did Quan Vu only surrender to Cao Cao and ignore Sun Quan?  - Photo 1.

Quan Vu is one of the most famous martial arts generals of the Three Kingdoms.

Especially in terms of martial arts, according to Tam Quoc Dien Nghia, Quan Vu can easily take Nhan Luong’s head among thousands of troops and go in and out like a place without people.

In addition, Quan Vu can also go through 5 stages, and 6 generals who are extremely brave on the battlefield with the enemy’s strength of thousands of people, bring prestige to the top of the entire army. In 219, supported by rain and floods, Guan Yu defeated seven Wei armies at Fancheng and won an overwhelming victory.

Perhaps because the name is too big, having achieved great victories, defeat is an unusually prominent thing for Quan Vu.

Overall, Quan Vu hasn’t had many failures in his illustrious life. This brilliant general had only two major flaws.

2 biggest failures in Quan Vu’s life

The first time was the Battle of Ha Bi and the second time was the Battle of Phan Thanh.

In the Battle of Xia Bi, Guan Yu’s first opponent was Cao Cao. In fact, there are two reasons why Quan Vu suffered defeat in this fight. The first, because the strength difference between both sides is too big. Liu Bei was defeated and forced to flee from pursuit by Cao’s army in Vien Thieu’s country. Therefore, Guan Yu and his army became alone.

Second, Guan Yu’s opponent Cao Cao is too strong. In addition to the vast differences in military strength, Cao Cao’s skills and command are also exceptional. Of course, at that time, Guan Yu was not Cao Cao’s opponent in terms of strategy and cunning.

In the Battle of Phan Thanh, Cao Nhan and La Mong were Guan Yu’s opponents. Initially, the army led by Quan Vu was very strong and even often led to Cao’s army being in a difficult position. After defeating the 7 armies of Cao, Quan Vu relied on the rain and floods to determine victory and charged up to flatten Phan Thanh and attacked the capital to capture Cao Cao.

The first, Phan Thanh was very dangerous at that time as many places in the city were damaged by floods. However, Man Sung, a high priest of the Cao Wei Dynasty, encouraged Cao Nhan to keep the city as the floodwaters would quickly recede. Facing this situation, Cao Cao was very worried at first and intended to move the capital and get Emperor Han Hien out of Xuchang. However, after listening to the analysis of the advantages, Cao Cao decided not to move the capital and then ordered Tu Hoang to bring troops to rescue Phan Thanh.

Tu Hoang and Quan Vu have known each other for a long time and have a good relationship. At that time, Guan Yu had his troops camped at Vitou and set up an additional post at Tu Trung. But Tu Hoang took advantage of the plan to spread east and west. Although he broke the news about Vi Dau camp, it was rumored that he was staying in Tu Trung. Quan Vu got involved in a conspiracy so lost a lot and then was repulsed by Tu Hoang.

Second, Quan Vu brought troops to Phan Thanh and launched the Battle of Tuong Phan, which shattered the balance of power in the Three Kingdoms, which worried Sun Quan’s faction. In addition, since Quan Vu was not adept at handling diplomatic relations with Ton Quyen, this led to the Dong Ngo monarch secretly attacking ruthlessly. Ton Quyen sent General La Mong to hit Kinh Chau so Quan Vu could not react.

Considering many factors together, Quan Vu’s defeat is truly inevitable. But the results of these two defeats were completely different. Both lost the fight, but Quan Vu temporarily surrendered to Cao Cao but not to Sun Quan.

The reason Guan Yu Cao Cao surrendered

After 2 losses, why did Quan Vu only surrender to Cao Cao and ignore Sun Quan?  - Photo 2.

Guan Yu temporarily surrendered to Cao Cao and ignored Sun Quan.

What is the reason? It turned out that Han Hien De Luu Hiep was the key to Guan Yu’s decision.

When Quan Vu temporarily surrendered under Cao Cao, he valiantly killed Nhan Luong, Vien Thieu’s general, while relieving the siege of Bach Ma. This victory made Cao Cao extremely excited. Under the name of Emperor Han Hien, Cao Cao appointed Guan Yu as Marquis of Han Tho.

The title “Han Tho Court” is nominally bestowed by the Han Emperor, so it is reasonable that Guan Yu always respects it.

In addition, after the battle of Xia Bi, Guan Yu was forced to surrender to Cao Cao in a forced situation with the safety of Liu Bei’s family. However, this famous general made a condition with Cao Cao called the “Three Chapter Convention” (commitment of 3 things). Guan Yu stressed that only Han goods would not be compared to Cao’s to show his loyalty.

On the other hand, at that time, Cao Cao’s power was very strong when he took the name of serving “the Son of Heaven.” Quan Vu’s temporary surrender actually had two benefits. The first, Quan Vu preserved both his own life and his reputation.

Second, Guan Yu can safely take care of Liu Bei’s two wives. Because if Quan Vu refuses to surrender, the lives of Liu Bei’s two wives will be very difficult to sustain.

Same error but when switching to Sun Quan the result is different as the above benefits are no longer available. The key point here is that Sun Quan did not hold the Eastern Han Dynasty Emperor, so it is reasonable that Guan Yu refuses to surrender.

Guan Yu takes “loyalty” as his life principle and patiently implements it throughout his life. Therefore, he would rather die than refuse to surrender to Ton Quyen.

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