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7 types of cheap plants suitable for new growers, rest assured they will live anywhere

In humid summer weather, greenery around the house is very necessary, especially on the balcony, because here the sun and wind catch the whole house. However, growing plants on the balcony also has some disadvantages and it is necessary to choose plants with good sun tolerance. In addition, this is also an area with a somewhat cramped and quite limited area of ​​the house.

Tiger Tongue Tree

That’s the guy trees too familiar with Vietnamese. Tiger tongue tree is widely used on the effect of exorcism and ward off demons. And yet this plant also helps to bring happiness in life and professional advancement, so that it is suitable as a gift at the turn of the year or for housewarming. Snake plant is very easy to grow and take care of. They need a moderate amount of light, not too much water, so you can water them once a week.

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If you know anything about bonsai care, you surely know about ivy. This plant is considered extremely easy to grow at home. Ivy doesn’t need a lot of light. Specifically, they have the ability to absorb electronic light like laptops, phones, and organic substances that cause headaches and nausea.

Another peculiarity: if you are still worried about polluted air, immediately choose ivy as an ornamental plant for your home. The ivy will “purify” and return a wonderfully pure air environment.

your betel tree

Betel nut tree with heart-shaped leaves and vital roots. The branches of this plant are usually very long and pendulous. Caring for the betel nut is very easy as it also requires less light and water.

Similar to ivy, betel nut absorbs radioactive substances from electronic devices. A pot of betel nut on the desk helps decorate your home and is good for your health.

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Tree of Eternal Youth

A long-stemmed plant with a large cylindrical shape, the perennial hugs the ground and has no withered leaves. They have the ability to live long and do not require daily care. Leaves are always green. Thanks to these properties, the perennial plant, also called lucky plant, is often used in decoration.

Especially as an investor or entrepreneur, the choice of perennials contributes to wealth and happiness. They are often placed in space to neutralize kill intent and bad luck. That’s the big advantage you should use Millennium in your living and working space.

aloe vera

Aloe Vera has strong vitality, easy to grow, easy to care for and easy to live with. The plant does not need to be watered too much and likes the sun very much. Therefore, the balcony is the ideal place to grow this plant.

Growing aloe vera not only beautifies the space, but also brings many benefits to people. The tree can be used to beautify the skin and make clean, delicious and nutritious foods.

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Indian chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum or Indian chrysanthemum is a plant of the daisy family that tends to grow downwards. This plant has green leaves all year round, long tendrils like a silk hanging down like a natural green curtain.

Plants also have the effect of purifying the air, regulating the living space and ensuring the health of your family. This is also the reason why this plant is very popular today in offices, upscale apartments or condominiums for the balcony area.

Female Guardian Hair Tree

Venus hair is a plant from the fern family, this plant does not like to move much, tolerates the sun quite well. Plants have the ability to filter the air well, removing dirt in your living environment, especially where the balcony is often exposed to the finest dust.

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