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6 Russian Superweapons That Could End Ukraine Conflict ‘Within Days’ If Used

6 Russian superweapons can end the conflict in Ukraine

Russia has many extremely formidable superweapons that also make the US and NATO suspicious. express photo.

More than two months after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict erupted, Russian forces have made little progress due to fierce resistance from the Ukrainian military.

Experts say Russia is aiming for victory and will declare victory in Ukraine ahead of “Victory Day” on May 9 – when Russia celebrates defeating Nazi Germany in World War II. But with slow progress in the war, many experts fear Russia could unleash part of its superweapon to crush resistance from Ukrainian forces and end the conflict “in just minutes”. some days”.

Here are 6 Russian superweapons that could end the conflict in Ukraine “within days” if deployed.

RS-28 Satan II

6 Russian superweapons can end the conflict in Ukraine

RS-28 Satan II is a massive 35 m long nuclear warhead. Photo IT

Earlier this month, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had successfully tested a new RS-28 Sarmat ICBM.

Nicknamed “The Satan”, the massive 35m long nuclear warhead can fly 18,000km and carry 15 missiles capable of destroying an area the size of France.

According to reports, the rocket can cover almost the entire length of Russia, almost 5,793 km – in about 15 minutes.

SSC-X-9 Skyfall

This fearsome weapon is a nuclear-armed cruise missile capable of being launched from land or sea at a nearly “unlimited” range.

First announced in 2018, President Putin claimed the missile can penetrate any air defense system and fly at low altitudes, making it difficult to detect.

This missile is specifically designed to find holes in US defenses and attack key military locations that most other missiles cannot reach.


6 Russian superweapons can end the conflict in Ukraine

The unmanned submarine Poseidon can cause large tsunamis (Image: Russian Ministry of Defense)

Poseidon is a nuclear-armed unmanned submarine that is said to be capable of gliding through water at a speed of 125 km/h and destroying an entire city when fired.

Although this unmanned submarine is slower than other ICBMs, it is believed to be fast enough to make it impossible for existing torpedoes to reach it.

First announced in 2015, Poseidon – also dubbed the “doomsday machine” – can generate tsunamis up to 300 feet (91 m) high when it explodes, engulfing an entire coastal town underwater and destroying it. naval bases.

above . laser cannon

6 Russian superweapons can end the conflict in Ukraine

The Supra Laser Cannon can neutralize missiles and aircraft from kilometers away. (Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense)

Considered one of Russia’s most maneuverable and adaptable systems, the Supra light laser cannon is capable of obliterating satellites, aircraft, drones and missiles.

Also known as Peresvet, the cannon works by disabling the electronics of rockets and planes from miles away.

In fact, little is publicly known about the system, leading the US to classify it as a “threatening” threat.

Yu-74 Vanguard

Flying at Mach 27, the Avangard superweapon is designed to destroy US missile defense systems against a full-scale nuclear attack.

President Putin personally unveiled this weapon in March 2018. The Russian leader said Avangard can travel at 20 times the speed of sound and hit a target “like a meteor, like a ball of fire.”

It is also powered by a nuclear reactor. One thing to worry about is that Avangard has a virtually unlimited attack range that can hit anywhere.

Kh-47M2 dagger

6 Russian superweapons can end the conflict in Ukraine

Fighters armed with dagger missiles during the parade

The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal is a Russian air-launched ballistic missile with an impressive range of around 2,000 km.

Nicknamed The Dagger, the missile can be armed with a nuclear warhead. This prompted the Kremlin to call it an “ideal weapon”.

Capable of traveling at 12 times the speed of sound, this deadly weapon is designed to disrupt enemy multi-domain operations.

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