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5 common habits that lead to liver cancer

Saturday, April 30, 2022 01:00 (GMT+7)

Experts have listed 5 common habits that increase the risk of liver cancer, such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, anabolic steroid abuse, …

According to the American Cancer Society, since 1980, the rate liver cancer has more than tripled and the mortality rate has doubled. “People with liver failure are more likely to develop liver cancer. But most don’t know what causes liver failure,” says gastroenterologist Carlos Romero-Marrero. Here are 5 common habits that can lead to liver cancer.

1. Excessive drinking

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Doctors say excessive alcohol consumption is closely linked to liver cancer.

dr Roderich Schwarz, co-director of the Roswell Park Center for Liver and Pancreatic Cancer, said: “Although alcohol by itself does not cause liver cancer, it is clear that they are linked. Causing chronic liver damage, including cirrhosis, or “pimple liver,” is one of the conditions that can increase the risk or likelihood have liver cancer

In fact, people with liver damage have a much higher mortality rate than liver cancer. The risk of cancer is therefore increased by too much alcohol consumption. We want to warn you that excessive drinking is bad for your liver.”

2. Anabolic steroid abuse

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according to dr Bob Goldman, a sports medicine physician who authored a report published by the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, has linked anabolic steroid use to liver cancer in athletes. pellets dr Goldman said, “I truly believe that anabolic steroid use contributed to the deaths of these athletes. Scientifically speaking, here’s what it does. The only time you have it. You can’t be sure of the cause of death by actually seeing someone get hit by a car.”

3. Unprotected sex

Unprotected sex can lead to infection with viruses that attack the liver. According to the American Cancer Society: “The main factor leading to liver cancer worldwide is viral infection Hepatitis B (HBV) or chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV). “These infections lead to cirrhosis and make liver cancer the most common cancer in many parts of the world. In the United States, hepatitis C infection is a more common cause of cancer than adenocarcinoma. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), while in Asia and developing countries hepatitis B is the most common cause. Individuals infected with both viruses have an increased risk of developing chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer. This risk is even higher if they are heavy drinkers (at least 6 drinks a day).”

4. Smoking

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Studies show that smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke significantly increases the risk of liver disease, which can lead to cancer. Stella Tommasi, Assistant Professor of Research at Keck, said: “From a public health perspective, our findings have important implications because they highlight how environmental carcinogens such as secondhand smoke contribute to liver disease in addition to their carcinogenic effects.

5. Overweight

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Studies show that being overweight increases the risk of liver cancer by 21%, and being obese increases this risk by 87%. “This is a major contributor to liver cancer being on the list of cancers associated with this disease,” said Peter Campbell, PhD, strategic director of digestive system cancer research at the American Cancer Society. associated with obesity”. Therefore, a healthy body weight, a healthy diet and physical activity not only reduce the risk of diabetes, but are also important strategies for the prevention of liver cancer.

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