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10 problems only smart people have

1. You don’t like short stories

Small talk, a few social phrases, is really difficult for smart people. That’s because your brain is flooded with tons of great ideas. Topics that might interest you include science, art, philosophy… and these little talks make you feel like you’re wasting your time. What you really want is for someone like-minded to get together to share great ideas on bigger issues.

2. You think carefully before you speak

10 problems only smart people have - 1

Your brain is capable of coming up with all sorts of solutions and answers to a problem. That’s why it takes you longer to form an opinion or come to a conclusion than people of average intelligence.

If you’re not sure you got the right answer, don’t say anything. Most people around are not familiar with how this thought process works. They feel confused and may even see you as odd, introverted, or disinterested in their problems.

3. You make it difficult for yourself at work

You often have to fight every day to complete the task. The truth is that you can easily achieve it, but your brain wants to be challenged with new ideas and new ways. When everything just repeats itself, you feel banal and boring, exhausting your creativity. Your boss probably doesn’t care how constantly your brain is being stimulated and just wants the job to get done.

4. You are paralyzed by the analysis

10 problems only smart people have - 2

You want to know all the pros and cons before making a decision. This can often prevent you from making quick decisions or making multiple decisions at once. Despite this, you tend to analyze too much and get overwhelmed by enough hypothetical scenarios.

You’re a perfectionist and you just want to make sure you’re getting the best results possible. This can be interpreted as lazy and make you feel undervalued.

5. You are awkward in many social situations

It is the result of the above. There really are many social situations that make intelligent people feel confused and confused. You’re afraid that what you’re going to say is wrong, you’re afraid you won’t find the right topic, and you don’t know how to better connect with people… These things make intelligent people really under themselves feeling pressured and confused. .

6. You find it difficult to make friends

Finding friends is difficult for you. Simply because you don’t like superficial relationships, meetings for no reason and possibly nowhere to go. You are not afraid to take time for yourself, to be alone and to be what you want.

However, life without friends will be very lonely and you will be at risk of depression. You tend to find solace at work and spend more time making breakthroughs in your field.

7. You have a hard time finding love

10 problems only smart people have - 4

You are more independent, cautious and analytical than most people. Because of this, you are often mistaken for a person who is arrogant and demanding of others. You also like freedom, don’t like to be held back, so sometimes you quickly lose the desire for love.

8. You’re not having much fun

You can’t be brave enough to discover or try something new just because you feel like it. You will start the process of analysis again, think deeply and see for yourself. If it’s a little dangerous, even though it’s fun, you’ll still have a hard time accepting it as fun in your head.

9. People talk about your mistakes

You wish you didn’t have to prove your intelligence to everyone all the time. But because of the gift you have received, your intelligence makes people notice and expect quite a few things. You will notice every little mistake. And that’s tough for smart people because it fuels your fear of being wrong and makes you want to be even more perfect. You value yourself, so mistakes can have a huge impact on you.

10. You are under pressure to succeed

You are superior to others. You can see and understand things that people around you are not aware of. You know that the direction you take is different from everyone else’s and can lead you to a more successful career, more money, and better relationships. But when life doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, you end up being criticized and attacked, even if you do it yourself.

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